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Recognizing the deeply personal aspects of your business and the unique needs of your target audience, we create and deliver campaigns that attract engagement and motivate conversions. Our results are specific, measurable and timely—and positively impact our partners’ businesses where and when it counts.

1. Analyze
A successful online marketing campaign requires an intimate understanding of your business and your customers. Our strategists get inside the heads of your target audience, discovering what makes them tick, and ultimately buy. We combine extensive research with comprehensive audits and buyer persona development to maximize your online marketing investment.

2. Strategize
Orchestrating an online marketing campaign is both methodical and intuitive. By identifying keywords and segmenting your target audience, we build a seamless narrative that tells your story. We identify specific channels and industry influencers in order to drive traffic, convert more leads and close more sales.

3. Create
Online marketing campaigns require unique, focused and thought-provoking content that stands out. We custom-build a team of authors, industry leaders and media professionals to create content that distinguishes and validates your brand with your intended audience, establishing you as a leader in your industry

4. Optimize
By blending content with your unique brand experience, we are able to focus your narrative and align it to your customer’s purchasing cycle, maximizing search engine traffic, improving lead conversion and increasing social media shares and likes in a quantifiable way.

5. Publish
We don’t publish content in a box using push-button, automatic marketing machines; we understand that online marketing is dynamic. Using our proprietary techniques and nurtured relationships, we get your unique story into influential places at the right time, cutting through the noise to make your brand relevant and credible.

6. Promote
Great content is worthless if no one sees it. Utilizing key influencers, media contacts and focused advertising campaigns, we promote your content, creating conversations and encouraging engagement with your brand. This motivates your customers to share, comment and link back to you.

7. Measure
If you measure it, it can be improved. At Digital Current, we are big on measuring every important aspect of your campaign. Only this level of rigor will let you know if you are actually getting a return on your investment.

8. Fine-tune
There is no such thing as set-it-and-forget-it online marketing. Our integrated campaigns are dynamic and continually changing. We actively review your KPIs and metrics, fine-tuning your campaign to deliver the results you need.

1 – Discovery
Meet clients personally
Research industry and competition
Determine project reqs
Select appropriate technology, platform and resources
Create custom proposal
Shake hands

2 – Design
Follow clients’ hopes, dreams, expectations
Determine theme, color palate style and trend
Create attractive, innovative and compelling web design and artwork
Make desisions in collaboration
Ready for development

3 – Development
Transform graphics into code
Implement new web development technologies: HTML5 and CSS3, JAVA SCRIPT, PHONE GAP, etc.
Utilize easy-to-use Content Management Systems and eCommerce platforms: WordPress, Joomla, Magento,
OS Commerce + more
Design Responsive Layout that automati-
cally adjusts for mobile devices: Tablets
and Smartphones
Develop Mobile Applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android platforms
Optimize code for popular browsers: Mozila, Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Opera
Test and Launch fully functioning projects

4 – Promotion
a) Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
As a premier SEO company in Chicago we Guarantee top results and targeted traffic within 2-4 months by using custom SEO tools, algorithms and a large network of partner websites.

b) Get our clients Buzzing with Online Social Media Marketing:
Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Yelp, Craigslist, Manta, Google+, Twitter
Popular blogs
Industry Related Websites
Online business directories

c) Connect clients with customers
via Email Marketing Campaigns
We generate appealing emails that avoid the spam folder; the results of which can be tracked.

d) Employ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) &
Pay Per Click (PPC) Services
We optimize, monitor, support and
adjust clients’ campaigns to target
traffic that converts to leads and sales.

1 – Meet
The first step is to discover more about you, your company’s vision, and to build a strong relationship. This is where we will create your brand, create a custom strategy, and set project goals.

2 – Plan
Following the initial meetup, we will outline your project, create milestones, and agree on priorities. Now we have a strategic plan in place that aligns with your initial vision and makes your goals achievable

3 – Design & Dev
Once the outline is finished, visual concepts of the custom project will be created. Our creative and development team reviews and revises the materials until it aligns with your goals

4 – Testing
Here review and testing takes place, which ensures the quality of your project. This is the most valuable step because your reputation is our reputation!

5- Launch
Here is where we present your custom project. Upon approval, your custom project will be launched and promoted. Then sit back and watch the momentum!

1 – Discovery
Gather Information, Define Project Requirements, Identify Opportunities & Goals
Review Creative Landscape
Define Technical Infrastructure/Platform
Identify Target Audiences, Channels, & Verticals

2 – Strategy
Create Strategic Solution
Define User Experience (UX) Strategy
Create Mood & Idea Board
Create Mood & Idea Board

3 – Content Development
Compile & Edit Content
Optimize for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

4 -Design
Identify Required Features
Determine Information Architecture & Wireframing
Model Navigation & Modules
Visual & Experience Design

5 – Development
Implement Platform Infrastructure
Provide Platform Infrastructure
Implement Design & Prototype
Usability & User Experience (UX) Testing
Coding & Back-end Development
Integrate Analytics & Event Tracking
Add Content with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Quality Assurance (QA) & Validation

6 – Post Launch
Training & Documentation
Engage Marketing Plan
Monitor and Report on Analytics
Develop Maintenance Plan
We help your website stand out through strategic, creative solutions that produce real results.

01 – Discover
We listen to our clients and learn about your business and objectives. We combine our experience with your knowledge of your products, industry, and competition to plan and build your design and marketing campaign.

02 – Plan
Our planning process includes measurable goals and finely-tuned strategies. We work backwards to devise a comprehensive action plan that achieves results with creative and technical implementation guides.

03 – Build
Our creative designers, UI engineers, and programmers work together to execute the project correctly and according to the action plan. We handle complex projects with ease, and our problem-solving attitude is backed by vast experience.

04 – Launch
We know deployment and launch are just the start of the relationship and not the end.

05 – Grow
We are your web marketing, analytics, and conversion optimization partners. We grow what we build, and truth be told, 97% of our clients choose our services to grow their web properties. With increased recognition with their consumers, better conversion rates, focused advertising, and/or more prominent rankings, we deliver positive outcomes.