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Why Us
We understand that every dollar matters and want our clients to rest assured that their online marketing investment is in the best of hands. We work tirelessly to deliver consistent quality, and we delight in our partners’ excitement when they open their monthly report to find that we have delivered results beyond their expectations.

While our competitors focus on selling each other’s ideas, following the collective herd, our team pushes the envelope, creating and perfecting out-of-the-box solutions that redefine the industry and push the boundaries of online marketing performance.

Delivering effective solutions with measureable results has been at the heart of Digital Current’s mission for more than a decade. With battle-proven strategies and techniques, we operate as though campaigns don’t come with an expiration date; understanding that the impact of a well-executed campaign is measured over the short and long term.

Online marketing changes at break-neck speeds. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Choosing to never settle for “good enough,” we welcome and challenge the change around us, ensuring that our solutions, services and products are cutting-edge, effective, consistent and enduring.

Working with brands, business owners and marketing professionals, we understand the value and power of impression. Whether it’s attracting new customers, consulting on solutions or delivering exceptional monthly results, our job is to help our clients look good. And we are great at what we do.

Online marketing is complex, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming or confusing to be effective. At the end of the day, it’s all about dollars and sense – marketing sense. When world-class marketers work together, focusing on impacting your bottom line, the results are simple to see.

We live and breathe brand asset marketing. Digital Current relies on the same strategies and techniques that we deliver to our partners. To that end, we build and execute for our clients the same types of campaigns that we would want for our own business.

12 deciding factors to choose Cynexis
As the Web matures, we realize that you have a limitless choice for partnering with web agencies, tech firms, and marketing companies. We realize that we will be among many who are competing for your trust.

Quick Response Time
You get a dedicated team that is available to you and responds to your high priority calls and emails within the same working day.

Our Meticulous Organization
We understand technology, business, and processes to devise solutions to reach, convert, close, and retain customers

Your Needs Matter
We spend hours researching your needs, your market, and your industry to offer you the best design and marketing solutions for your company.

Business Ethics
Good working relationships and business partnerships are based on mutual trust and respect.

Active Involvement from the Management
Typically, the involvement of a management team will end as soon as a contract is signed. The client is then left in the hands of designers, developers and project managers. Our management team is technically skilled, client service ready, and keeps in touch with you and remains a part of your entire project.

Feedback and Performance Management System
Our project delivery system has a mandatory client feedback collection mechanism.

Become familiar with our DESIGN VISION SUPPORT: We document every step of the process, from the original mock-ups to the ongoing code. If there is ever a question or problem, we can refer to the documentation of the project.

We offer personalized support for all our clients, no matter the size of the project.

We have a team of specialists for each service we offer: design, development, internet marketing, project management, and business analysis. All working together in a symbiotic, flow driven office space.

Technical Knowledge
We have experience in database technologies, web programming, server management, web design, print design, SEO, PPC, and copywriting.

Understanding each client and each project will be unique, we adapt to your needs by assigning our personnel accordingly.

No Over-promising, No Under-delivering
We do what we say, and we say what we do.

01 – Clients are friends.
We wouldn’t be
here without them.
02 – We’re 100%
independent and
owner managed.
03 – There is no sales
team, we just do
great work.
04 – 21 digital talents
caring about your
05 – Expect creativity,
technology and
strategic thinking.
06 – We know how to
play digital for
brand value.