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Web Development
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Websites range from brochure websites to large portals that incorporate social network systems, search, database, video integration, programming and a custom made content management systems. Thus development is a complex process requiring serious approach and an attention to detail. While for us it is thousands of lines of unique, sophisticated code, we make it look like web pages that are beautifully designed and perform specific functionality for our customers.

Development Process
Step 1 – Industry & Competition Research
According to the industry our customer represents and the website’s functionality request we select the platform and technology. This research helps us comprehend specific industry demands and features. For complex projects we issue a Functional Specification Document (FSD) which outlines the functionality scope, budget, timeframes and other project details. This document serves as a guide for developers and gives client complete understanding of the project.

Step 2 – Project Architecture
In this step our professional developers prepare the project architecture
by mastering database and various sections. Settings differ depending on
the project, but on the whole during this stage the website foundation
is determined for each and every site. Our project architects are challenged
to make a fast working, reliable system to build the website on.

Step 3 – Backend Development
Backend development is probably the most complex process of the website creation. During this phase an administrator’s site is being created. According to the functionality scope the website can be built on one of the well-known platforms (i.e. WordPress; Drupal; Magento) or in case it is required to maintain the complicated functionality, the custom content management system can be integrated.

Step 4: Frontend Development
The way the website looks and all the little pretty things you like about it are being coded during the phase of the frontend development. In general this is the process of the design implementation and the main purpose of it is to reflect client’s desires and vision of the website. All the animation and appearance details which make the website stand out among competitors are implemented during this phase as well.

Step 5: Quality Control & Testing
During the phase of quality control our team is performing the complete testing of the website. We do it according to the checklist that we have created in order to check all the aspects of the website. It includes browsers testing (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari), loading test, code check and other highly important things. After this the website is ready to say “Hello World!”

Step 6 – Release
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Just like brick and mortar, well written code makes the difference in a website’s functionality, usability and whether it will stand the test of time. We have the knowledge and experience to craft accessible and well documented code, providing you with the right tools to fit your needs, even if it means building from scratch.

Dotlogics is one of the top web development agencies around because we offer the best services performed by highly qualified individuals. No matter what you need, we have you covered. Have an existing website that is stuck in the year 2003? Let us revamp it and bring it into the present. Started a new business that needs a beautiful website designed and published? We have you covered! We can even maintain and manage your website utilizing the latest technology.
While searching for a firm to handle you online presence, you will undoubtedly encounter long lists of capabilities and qualifications that are held by top web development firms. We have a list as well, but we encourage our clients to not get too bogged down in the technical jargon. Below are just some of our many capabilities:
Our development services include:
Basic Web Development (HTML/CSS, PHP, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript)Basic and Advanced Content Management SystemsBasic and Advance Database IntegrationWeb Application Design Strategy/Database designAdvanced Web ApplicationsBasic and Advanced E-Commerce SolutionsSocial Networking and Community/Membership WebsitesEnterprise Web Portal Development
However, in addition to our technical expertise, we are also devoted to customer service and the end user’s experience. We want to make long-term customers, and we believe you must offer competitive value along with excellent support and a knowledgeable staff in order to achieve this. Numbers do not lie, and we currently have a portfolio of over 700 websites and portals which we have created and maintained. Our clients consistently say that we are one of the best web development agencies, and we are working everyday to get even better.
The best web development companies are always up-to-date with online trends, website development styles, and recent fads, and Dotlogics is as well. We devote a great deal of time into researching and staying ahead of the trends. We are prepared to offer incredibly stylish and hip designs as well as more conservative or subdued ones. As one of the top web development firms around, we want to give every client the look and presence that they are looking for. We believe that it is imperative to good business that your company stays true to its identity. Your online presence should uplift and encourage your existing values and strategies, and Dotlogics is here to ensure that that takes place.
We are best web development company because of all the things listed above, and because we love our work and produce a quality product in a timely and efficient manner. Contact us today to get expert service for your web project.