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Web Apps Development

Why go custom?

Custom web applications work exactly the way you want them to. While off the shelf software can achieve partly what you want to do, the modification and customization of these tools is usually more time consuming and cost-ineffective.

Custom web applications can be built around your existing systems (legacy systems), thus proving to be a bridge between the old and new. In a nutshell custom web applications make your organization agile and nimble and decrease the friction to change.

Correctly-coded Web applications are maintenance free, flexible and scalable with little effort.

It is easy to “product-ize” a service which is supported through custom software.

Custom applications work well for intranets, ecommerce content management, document management and workflow control.

Cynexis’ custom web applications are built using open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL, which help you achieve better results in a shorter ETA and at a very reasonable cost.

Smart Web Development
Our web development team can bring your next big software idea to fruition. At Cynexis, we not only specialize in building web applications, but also on salvaging previously failed custom web application development projects. Our unique processes are based on the experience we have gained from custom programming and application development jobs for sites of all sizes.

A Well-Rounded Team
Working with us gives you the benefit of a multi-disciplined team on your project. Beyond having dedicated web developers, Cynexis has front-end designers, usability engineers, and QA specialists · all there to make sure your application is not only clean-coded, but well-engineered from start to finish.

Sell Online
Whether you sell peanut butter with chocolates or heavy industrial machinery, selling online makes sense. Turn to us to build a custom ecommerce website that suits your business, budget and timelines.

Apps Thrive
There is a web application for almost every need, and if there isn’t, we can build it. From content management systems (CMS) to online catalogs, from blogs to corporate intranets, we have seen it all and done it all. Let us help turn your business idea into a reality.
If you are here, then you have found the best mobile applications company around. Here at Dotlogics, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve on app development. We stand above the other top mobile application firms because we have the best technology combined with the best people to produce our clients amazing products. It does not matter whether you are developing an app for a home-town bank or an amazing new gamer experience, Dotlogics has the experience and drive to manufacture your dream app.
As a top mobile application agency, we have developed more than 200 apps for our clients. We have conquered content ranging from medical apps to top games, and each was tailored to the desires of the client. Our customers have ranged from individuals to large corporations, but each one of them has walked away happy and considering us one of the best mobile application companies that they could have worked with.

Application development is a niche market that requires great amounts of research into the client’s user base and desired experience. At Dotlogics, we take the time to carefully plan an applications interface, design, and usability with the end user in mind. We also carefully and efficiently execute the testing and publishing phases, and provide the greatest support and troubleshooting to our clients. By the time your app goes live, we will have tested and confirmed its stability, security, and usability many times over.

In order to be considered the top mobile application firm, a company must spend enormous amounts of time investigating upcoming trends and investing in state of the art technology. Dotlogics is one of the best mobile application agencies because we do this and we hand select the best professionals to deliver an app for our clients that will not just satisfy, but will wow them. We set our bar higher than other firms, and then aim to topple it with each and every client. Our core value is customer service and we stay true to this with each and every customer.

No doubt you have been searching through the best mobile application firms. Now that you have found Dotlogics, your search is over. We know that we can deliver you high quality products at affordable prices and are willing to offer you a quote to prove just that. Contact us at the link below and lets get started on making your app dreams a reality.
Apps Development Blurb Text
This is a gadget age and Mobile Apps are the world’s biggest addiction now. Companies now have mobile apps along with websites which definitely simplifies customers’ access to the information needed and to services provided. Among types of applications that come in handy for companies nowadays are corporate applications for sales’ needs, e-commerce stores, informational apps, games and more. Having a mobile app means making it more convenient for clients get what they need; it increases sales and recognition by making your company correspond to modern market standards.

Take a look at our process

Step 1: Research & Platform Selection
This phase includes the research which is directed to functionality determination. It is decided which is the most practically expedient and pragmatic way to implement the project it includes the choice of the platform the app will be built on. That can be either a Native or Cross platform. The choice is essential as there are significant differences between these two. Native platform is generally the code complied for specific devices (iOS; Android), while the code written in HTML5/CSS3 + Java Script is a Cross platform, which suits any type of device. We consult our clients regarding choice of platform for each and every project.

Native Platform

More flexible coding
Possibility of complex functionality integration
Full compatibility with popular mobile devices
Higher design quality

More Expensive
Takes more time

Cross Platform

Usually works on all kinds of mobile devices
Keeps the cost down
Faster development

Doesn’t suit for complex functionality implementation
Lower graphic performance

Step 2: Project Architecture
After we get an idea, it is time to prepare the system architecture. We put the functionality scope together, determine the development process and outline design.

Step 3: App Design
Depending on the type of the platform and prepared wireframes the designers’ work on the appearance and user interface to create the unique app. This process includes a lot of drafting, to make the functional ins be consistent with design outs.

Step 4: App Development
This phase is all about coding, coding and coding once again. This is the most time-consuming process, so in order to stay on right tracks we release several test versions of the app to show them to the client. This is an all-embracing step of constant coding, testing and bugs fixing, which is followed by the anticipated release.

Step 5: Release!
We help the client register the application in all the relevant stores and catalogues such as Apple’s App Store, Google Play etc. And this is the final step of Mobile Applications Development.