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Not all data is created equal. Here at Cadre, we don’t run template analytics. We believe in creating custom strategies built to capture, analyze, and interpret the information that is most important to your unique goals. Our analytics offer two important insights: who your visitors are, and what is most important to them. Visitor trends and user interactions with your website are essential to maintaining a user experience that creates repeat visitors and drives conversions. Our analytic campaigns also help us to identify drop-off points in content, so we can improve them and help you retain your visitors.

We believe we offer the best services on the web, and we we actually want you to see what’s going on behind the scenes. We use a variety of visual, statistical, and functional tools, from heat mapping user visits to identifying the exact content they prefer to see, to analyze and interpret the massive amounts of data that your website produces; and we confidently translate that data into impactful improvements that increase conversions.